Brandon Burrus

Full-stack Web Developer


Hi, my name is Brandon. I'm a Full-stack Web Developer who is passionate about building software and solving problems. I specialize in working with the React Javascript framework, using the MVC software architecture design pattern, and learning new technologies to build the best product possible.

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Arizona Coding Bootcamp, where I worked on several team projects to build real world applications. Building software isn't just my career; it's my passion.



Team-built project designed to make finding your next favorite coffee beverage as easy as tapping a button. Built using React, Node.js, Express, GraphQL, JWT, and MongoDB.

Snake Game

The classic 70s arcade game Snake, rebuilt for the modern web browser using React, TypeScript, and RxJS


Easily find and save your favorite books using React, the Google Books API, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.

Clicky Game

The kid's game "memory" with a twist, built with React and the Giphy API.


Personal Skills

Problem-Solving · Teamwork · Communication · Time Management · Project Planning

Programming Languages

JavaScript · TypeScript · SQL · HTML5 · CSS3 · Sass

Technical Competencies

Object-Orientated Programming · Reactive Programming · Agile Methodologies · MVC Software Architecture · Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs

Primary Technologies

React · Node.js · GraphQL · MongoDB · MySQL · Express · Redux · RxJS · Apollo · Jest · Sequelize · Mongoose · jQuery


Git · Bash · Visual Studio Code · Vim

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